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Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama - Something to think about

Louis Farrakan, a militant muslim, hails the possibility of an Obama presidency.  Momar Khadafi, leader of Libya has publicly lauded the millions of dollars, with which rich muslims in Africa have bankrolled Obama's campaign. Methinks they know something.

Of course, all Christians understand that this is the wrong man.  many will be depressed on wednesday, Nov 5th, wondering how God can let this happen.  I'm no prophet, but this is something that may make you think.  Rev 16:13 and following picture three forces coming together to attack the kingdom of God.  One of these forces is symbolized as the "false prophet".  The picture is Islam.  My personal belief that Armageddon is a symbol of the United States.  There is no place on earth where there is a greater struggle between competing ideologies.  The nation already struggles between catholocism (66 million Americans), and atheism, which has entrenched itself. Islam has a foothold(8 million) but what could possibly bring this third force to significant status?Perhaps a muslim-friendly Administration?

I'm not depressed, The bible pictures this as the setting of the stage for God's final victory. I'm not predicting an imminent return of Christ, but I am getting the feeling we are seeing the final pieces begin to be put in place.


Jason said...

I understand that whoever does make it in I still will not have anything to worry about. I am not happy with either candidate, but you might be on to something. I do remember reading about the 60's where many predicted that Rome would direct the US with a Kennedy win, but I don't know if people understand the significance of Islam also and its major part in "the end".
I am very sad to see Osama leading in the polls. I predict he is going to win. It is true of the old saying that "democracy is good as a form of government up until the time the people realize they can vote themselves funds from the government coffers." What most don't understand is what they are actually giving up in return for all these "freebies".

Jason said...

btw you still could have voted. You should have got an absentee ballot for Americans overseas.

Andrew said...

technically, yes i could have voted, but I'm registered in the V.S.S.R.(Vermont Soviet Socialist Republic).