Why This Blog?

    This blog is designed to be a place where the mind can freely stretch. If you are accustomed to confining your mind to close quarters, then you will find this blog an uncomfortable place. It is entitled 'Methinks' because these are my musings. I am not setting forth new doctrines. Rather, I am allowing myself to ponder whether old truths have been forgotten or misunderstood, and whether we have developed our own liturgy the same way a horse cart wears a path in a quaint rural road.  
   Here, in this blog you are free to express. The only requirement is that contributions represent a true exchange of ideas, not biases, or emotional responses.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Here's an interesting question. Where did Her dream come from. ? She told her husband, Pilate, not to have anything to do with him. She suffered much in a dream because of him. We have always assumed that the dream comes from God, but what if this is not true. It would explain a lot. First, it may be just semantics, but God doesn't seem to torment through dreams. that's not his MO. Satan on the other hand, has no scruples, as witnessed by demon possession. Secondly, if Pilate had heeded her warning, he would have presumably freed Jesus, but that would have worked against the plan of God. Would God have given an influence to someone that would prompt them to make a decision that prevented salvation? Not likely. I have a theory but that will come later...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Speak where the bible speaks, silent where the bible is silent

   This sentiment was first stated by Thomas Campbell. It was a thought to summarize why people wanted to leave denominations, and the numerous creeds and confessions that accompanied them. It is interesting. type this into a search engine and you will pull up website after website belonging to a ‘CHURCH OF CHRIST’. Perhaps this is a noble ideal, but it is interesting that one man’s phraseology against creeds has almost become a creed in and of itself, the unofficial confession of the ‘churches of Christ’

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The right 'Man' is on the throne

   I believe our vision of reality is similar to our physical vision. Our eyes see such a narrow bandwidth of frequency. I wonder what colors we will see when God gives us superior bodies. When our spiritual vision intersects our political beliefs, we often assume that what we see is all that there is to see. This is one of the causes of judgmentalism.
   Most of the people who read this will have been one of the people in the following scenario: A religious person who judges another for not voting. Which one are you? Do you think you have achieved a higher spiritual level because you vote? Perhaps you did not feel the urge to vote, or had a conscience against it and someone pressured you to do your “civic duty” (by which they imply ‘Christian duty’). Consider the scenario that will play out this year. regardless of who receives the Democratic nomination the platform is the same. The Republicans have nominated the most liberal candidate since Gerald Ford. In the last few elections the republican party has maintained fewer and fewer moral planks. There is only one great cry this year: Judges. That is all we have to hang our hat on.
  On one hand we will always state that God is in control, but then we will lament what would happen if ‘the wrong man were elected’. As if God is only in control when the man we think is the right man wins. Was God on vacation when Bill Clinton was elected? Was he in His 'inner chamber' when Clinton was re-elected? I believe that our vision is not large enough to see the purpose of God, probably the same way the Jews could not understand the victories of Assyria, Babylon, or the Roman empire.
  The right man will win this year.  

There is nothing that your vote can do to change that.  

All that is left is for us to wait for history to unfold and reveal why he/she was the right one.