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    This blog is designed to be a place where the mind can freely stretch. If you are accustomed to confining your mind to close quarters, then you will find this blog an uncomfortable place. It is entitled 'Methinks' because these are my musings. I am not setting forth new doctrines. Rather, I am allowing myself to ponder whether old truths have been forgotten or misunderstood, and whether we have developed our own liturgy the same way a horse cart wears a path in a quaint rural road.  
   Here, in this blog you are free to express. The only requirement is that contributions represent a true exchange of ideas, not biases, or emotional responses.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

what a pick!

i will say i was not enthused about having John McCain as a president - well i still am not, but now i wish i was in the states to vote in November.  a lot of people don't realize the impact that Palin will have on the GOP.  McCain's health is probably going to prohibit him from serving two terms, meaning that Palin would be an incumbent possibly as soon as 2012.  the liberal judges probably are hoping that McCain would lose to hillary the next time around, and won't retire, but if Palin were elected the older justices would die or retire prior to 2016-2020, meaning Palin would appoint up to 3 or four justices! Think about the possibilities