Why This Blog?

    This blog is designed to be a place where the mind can freely stretch. If you are accustomed to confining your mind to close quarters, then you will find this blog an uncomfortable place. It is entitled 'Methinks' because these are my musings. I am not setting forth new doctrines. Rather, I am allowing myself to ponder whether old truths have been forgotten or misunderstood, and whether we have developed our own liturgy the same way a horse cart wears a path in a quaint rural road.  
   Here, in this blog you are free to express. The only requirement is that contributions represent a true exchange of ideas, not biases, or emotional responses.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


   Even here in Ukraine, primetime dramas are preceded by the disclaimer, 'Any similarity between actual names and places is only a coincedence.' Why do they put that disclaimer there? Perhaps, its because fiction often imitates real life. How many times have you read a book and wondered if the author borrowed his idea from another book that you may have read. How many times have we seen real discoveries that were strikingly similar to fiction writers? Did you know that NASA has developed technology that came straight out of the television series ‘Star Trek’?
   Let’s also remember that the story of Christ and God is a story of a hero who addresses man’s most basic spiritual need, freedom from guilt. Considering that there are thousands of versions of this story scattered across time and lands, it is not unlikely that a number of them will have similar details is it? For me it is not a total explanation, but it can account for something if a person is reasonable enough to admit it.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Prometheus and Christ?

    If you were like me you had assumed that the words in the poem below were written first by Isaac Waats. The Christian mind seems compelled to a decision. Different Christian minds will solve the problem in different ways. Perhaps you are 'hearing' this for the first time. If so, you have not attended a religion class in a secular college, where atheistic professors get a thrill from seeing young Christian students, who have been sheltered in their dogma, blown away by revelations such as these. In case you miss the significance of this poem, here it is: 700 years before Christ there is a Greek myth concerning a Titan named Prometheus who was crucified for man’s sins, atoning for them with his blood. Even more striking, is the reference to the hiding of the sun at his death. So, how did you respond? Were you tempted to say, ‘Oh that’s just stupid!’ and surf over to your favorite sports/news site? Or maybe you passed it off as just one fabrication among many feeble atheistic attempts to malign Christianity. Maybe you chalked it up to mere coincedence, noting how often fiction mirrors reality. In a moment we will weigh each option, but while we speak of coincedence, consider the following:
  •  Prometheus was said to resurrect
  •  Prometheus was referred to as the ‘logos’
These are details which appear in Christ’s story, but there are still other facts:
  • Before Christ there are a number of myths that parallel the Christ story.
  • Osiris (Egypt), Thammuz (Syria), Baldur (Iceland), Odin (Iceland ) Mithra (Persia), Romulus/Quirinus (Rome), Dionysus (Greece) are some of the more well known. No story has all of the following details in common, but each has at least a few.
  •  Virgin birth, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, and titles such as ‘Son of God, Bread of Life’, etc. are all things mentioned as parts of myths before Christ.
   I never think that ignorance is the best policy. I refuse to be intimidated. If I am afraid to check the facts, then I am admitting my lack of faith in God. Maybe after reading the poem you did some fact checking. You might have found that many such claims exist on atheist websites. You will note if you research this, that there are even bolder statements than I make. You will then easily find refutations of these websites. You will find that the majority of quotations come from copycats of two or three sites: the Zeitgeist movie (which also claims that 9/11 was a conspiracy), a dubious book by Kersey Graves called 16 crucified saviors, which an atheist sight infidels.org will not even endorse (but will publish). both of these apparently quote a common book by D.M. Murdock, a woman who goes by the pen-name Acharya S.
   Many Christians would be satisfied to stop here. having felt that they discredited the authors for blatantly false statements, they would feel free to discard every statement made. This option is not the course of a true scholar. Next up: Coincidence and reverse borrowing…

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Coming Soon: Prometheus and Christ...

Lo! streaming from the fatal tree
His all atoning blood,
Is this the Infinite?? Yes, 'tis he,
Prometheus, and a god!
Well might the sun in darkness hide,
And veil his glories in
When God, the great Prometheus,
For man the creature's sin.

     - Hesiod, circa  700 B.C.